Put a pause on sharing your art, promoting your work, etc. Instead, use your platform to amplify the voices, work, and message of the black community. Here are a few ways to do so…


  • Share links to organizations you can donate to and find resources at
  • Share posts and work by the black community
  • Share information about initiatives helping those on the front lines
  • Change your profile picture to a black image (if you choose)


  • Shut down social media by flooding feeds with Black squares
  • Use #BlackLivesMatter on a black square post
  • Stop sharing important ways people can contribute to the movement

The organizers of the #BlackOutTuesday are asking people to take the day to reflect by not going about business as usual. Do Not post anything personal (pictures at the beach, of you and your friends, etc.), but PLEASE SHARE RESOURCES.

Social media is so vital to this movement.