Last updated: 12/21/20 Change Log.

Below are important resources to arm yourself with to make a difference.

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Bills that are dangerous

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Change Log

12.21.2020 – Removed The Communist Manifesto and The State and Revolution.

12.18.2020 – Added Firearms for the General Struggle and First-time Purchase

11.4.20 – Added That’s exactly how you become white!

8.7.20 – Added link to Crime vs. harm and the violence of crime rates as our indicator of social well being, removed July election dates.

7.16.20 – Added How did Black Americans, Black Africans that became Americans, become slaves?

7.14.20 – Remove Black owned gun stores link.

7.13.20 – Added “Black-owned” ≠ worker-owned + community-owned.

7.6.20 – Added Black Americans and Voter Suppression, July, August 2020 election dates.

6.26.20 – Removed Nonames book club, Added the New Jim Crow, Freedom is a constant struggle.

6.25.20 – Added the Communist Manifesto, Removed The legacy of Omar

6.24.20 – Added The State and Revolution

6.20.20 – Added link to Tweet with Black History Google Drive link

6.18.20 – Added Black Panther Reading List

6.16.20 – Added thread for acquiring an AR-15 and an article on how to topple a statue using science. Added noname’s bookclub.

6.15.20 – Added Are Racists Crazy?

6.11.20 – Added Two Articles about/by Omar Aziz

6.10.20 – Created change log. Added link to Anonymous’ Survival Guide and Black Owned Gun stores and Fire arms training businesses. Rearranged. Added Reforms to always oppose.